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Frijon food for snack was founded in 1975 and since then we supply markets with several innovative products. Our first production for us was the chili liquid which is unprecedented product in Arab world.
In 1992 we were the first factory in Sudan at all manufactures make snack food  under the brand name (Gargash), even Gargash name becomes the general term for all snacks. But Original Gargash is distinguished from the rest of the products that it is natural bounty of our land, both in term row materials and purchased from local market. Sudanese row materials characterized as natural and free of any chemicals or fertilizer s.
We also in Gargash we don’t use any preservatives or food dyes, instead we use baits rather than flavors, and there is a difference between the taste you feel with your tongue like  chili, pepper, fennel and tomatoes and the flavor smell it with nose.
We Gargash factory's say you come to Come to nature .. Gargash original